Street Cred

    A DePaul University graduate, Danielle has extensive experience in marketing, sales and customer service for lifestyle companies. Her expertise is in demographic marketing and boosting brand awareness for multi-million dollar companies. She also has a broad range of expertise in retail management with a focus on sales for both small and large corporations for nearly a decade in customer acquisition and management. Not surprisingly, she grew up in an entrepreneurial home, and saw both her mother and father launch several successful companies. You could say it runs in the family!

    The Fun Stuff

    A Chicago native, Danielle believes that a healthy lifestyle shows all over your face, which is why she’s an avid spinner and Sugar Fish lover. Also drinking as much water as possible throughout the day – sparkling preferred. When she’s not working or working out, she’s spending QT with her husband, their pug, and trotting the globe.


    Favorite treatment? The Clear & Brilliant Laser works great with my busy schedule as there is no downtime and the results leave my skin so smooth and bright.

    Favorite product? Facile Shield SPF 30 mineral sunscreen because it’s an all-natural sunscreen with a slight tint, so it looks amazing on my skin and preps it for any makeup I may wear. I have a small obsession with skin protection, especially in sunny LA!

    Biggest vice? Coffee. I have to have it, and I love everything about it! Sometimes I’ll have two a day. :/